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    Grimsby Morris Men are looking for new blood.     Dracula


    If you've seen us out and about and like what you've seen, maybe you'd like to have a go yourself. Grimsby Morris Men practice and perform all year round and we're always on the look out for new members of all ages. New members are gradually introduced to our repertoire and guided by all of our experienced members. We'll have you Trunkling in no time.
    As a member you'll get to take part in some memorable events and have a load of fun, but most of all you will 'spend time in good company'.

    If you are interested you can contact our bagman, Nick Booth, by email or phone, or simply come to practice or a dance-out and have a chat with us. We don't bite (except Stan). Practice takes place most Mondays from 8 pm to 10 pm unless we have a dance-out.
    Contact Nick by email or by phone on 07925 327020 or through the 'Contact Us' link in the main menu.