• Our Dance Seasons

    Many morris sides dance in a single style, Cotswold, Border, Northwest etc. Others dance in several styles, picking or creating dances that they like best. Some sides dance-out in the summer months and practice in the winter, others perhaps reverse this. Grimsby Morris Men may be unique in practicing and dancing-out all year round and varying our style with the seasons.

    In the summer, broadly March to October, we dance in the Cotswold style and wear stylish summer apparel. The picture below shows us dancing one of our Cotswold dances under the blazing sun in Lincoln. 


    Dancing Cotswold Morris





    In the winter, October to March, we change to our "winter plumage", the most obvious changes being the removal of our top hats and the donning of rag coats. We also change our dance style, dancing Border Morris during these colder months, although we refer to our activities as BOARder Morris, possibly the weakest pun ever created, referencing the Boar's Head of Grimsby and, of course, Stan. In the next picture we are dancing "Boarder" dance on Cleethorpes prom during our annual Boxing Day tour.

    Boarder Morris in Winter Kit


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