• Our Officers

    A Morris side isn't just a bunch of dancers. Yes, we need musicians as well.
    In addition however we have a few chaps who do one or two little jobs for us from time to time. Here they are:-



    The Squire

    Our current Squire is Martin Campbell.

    Our squire Martin Campbell


    The Squire is the captain of our morris dancing ship, constantly issuing commands, decrees and edicts. We sometimes even do what he tells us! The Squire is responsible for choosing the dances that we do when we are out and about and usually dances at position 1 in the set from where he calls the figures for us to dance, often the right figures. The squire also chairs our meetings and acts as our all round guiding light.


    The Bagman

    Our current Bagman is Nick Booth.

    Our bagman Nick Booth


    The Bagman is our great kommuni..., cermuneka..., well , he sends and receives a lot of email and makes phone calls. How's that for multi-tasking. At any rate the Bagman is the first contact for people who want to book us or invite us to events. In a good week he even remembers to tell the rest of us. The Bagman traditionally dances at number 2 in the set and stands in for the Squire in his absence.


    The Treasurer

    Our current Treasurer is Ian Riley.

    Our Treasurer Ian Riley


    The Treasurer Is the master of all our finances. Rumours of holidays in the Seychelles are completely unfounded (he tells us). As well as looking after our own money he handles our charitable collections and keeps our accounts.


    The Archivist

    Our current Archivist is Steve Fuller.

    Our archivist Steve Fuller


    The Archivist keeps a record of the doings of the side and, as biographer, keeps the HiStories of our members. He also looks after all of the properties and artefacts that we have acquired in the last fifty-odd years so he needs a big shed.


    In addition to these permanent roles the squire may ask a member to take on an additional role. At present we have a Foreman. It is his thankless task to try to teach us dullards how to do this Morris stuff and to try to maintain a high standard. We are fortunate that our Foreman is Steve Fuller a highly skilled and experienced dancer and a great teacher.