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    The images above show our new recruitment leaflet. Be prepared to have one thrust into your hand if you see us out and about.

    As you may have guessed, we are looking for new members.

    If you are male, aged between 5 and 105 and have two feet, even if you think they're both left feet, we can teach you to morris dance. Morris dancing is great exercise and great fun and gets you out in the open air or inside some great pubs (soft drinks only for under 18s).

    If you're even vaguely interested in having a go come along to practice, have a chat with us and we'll get you capering in no time. Practice takes place most Mondays between 8 pm and 10 pm at Park Congregational Church Hall.

    Alternatively, you could come along to a dance-out, have a chat and pick up one of our leaflets or send our bagman, Nick, an email at [email protected] or through our Contact Us page.