About Us

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Grimsby Morris Men were formed in 1967.
We are based in the Lincolnshire town of Grimsby, which, until recent times was the largest fishing port in the world.

Grimsby Morris Men in 2015

Grimsby Morris Men in 1967
Grimsby Morris Men in 2013 Grimsby Morris Men in 1967


Grimsby Morris Men perform Cotswold dances in the summer, mostly from the Bampton, Adderbury and Wheatley traditions, and Boarder dances in the winter.
We also perform Plough Plays during the Festive season.
Many morris sides have a hobby horse as their mascot. We have a hobby boar, by the name of Stan, whose image is featured in our logo.
Grimsby also has a great boar hunting tradition, which explains why Stan is somewhat skittish when he's out in public.

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