Forthcoming Events

  • Festival of the Leaves

    Tuesday, 20 November 2018


    Lots of green on display this evening as we celebrate the autumnal Festival of the Leaves accompanied by our very own Green Man.

    Our first dance session is at the Sali at 8.00 pm, followed by some fluid replacement and maybe a song or two. Then its on to the Blacksmith's to interrupt proceedings at Reely Grim, probably about 8.45.

    The Salutation Inn, Nettleton

    The Salutation Inn
    Church Street
    LN7 6NP
    01472 851228

    The Blacksmith's Arms, Rothwell

    The Blacksmith's Arms
    LN7 6AZ
    01472 371300



  • Lincoln Christmas Market 2018

    Sunday, 9 December 2018


    Grimsby Morris Men will be entertaining the crowds going to Lincoln Christmas Market. We will be dancing at Saint Paul's Yard between 12pm and 1pm.

    Saint Paul's Yard, Lincoln

    Saint Paul's Yard
    Saint Paul's Lane
    LN1 3AX



  • Boxing Day Tour 2018

    Wednesday, 26 December 2018


    Our annual boxing day tour. Put on your winter woolies and work off that turkey.

    This is the program barring any late changes.


    12:00 pm The Wellow, King's Road, Cleethorpes
    12:40 pm The Punchbowl, North Promenade, Cleethorpes
    1:15 pm The No. 2 Refreshment Room (Under the Clock),Cleethorpes Railway Station
    1:55 pm Willy's Pub / Brighton Slipway, Cleethorpes
    2:30 pm
    The Nottingham House Hotel , Seaview Street, Cleethorpes



    The final dance spot will be followed by a music and singing session in the Sports Bar of the Notts.


    The Wellow Hotel

    The Wellow Hotel
    King's Road
    North East Lincolnshire
    DN35 0AQ
    01472 695589

    Willy's Pub

    Willy's Pub
    17 High Cliff Road
    North East Lincolnshire
    DN35 8RQ

    The Punchbowl

    The Punchbowl
    North Promenade
    North East Lincolnshire
    DN35 8SJ
    01472 696056

    The No. 2 Refreshment Rooms (Under the Clock)

    The No. 2 Refreshment Rooms
    Cleethorpes Railway Station
    North East Lincolnshire
    DN35 8AX
    07905 375587

    The Nottingham House Hotel, Cleethorpes

    The Nottingham House Hotel
    5 - 7 Sea View Street
    North East Lincolnshire
    DN35 8EU
    01472 505150

    Jonny Donuts, Cleethorpes

    Jonny Donuts
    65 Central Promenade
    North East Lincolnshire
    DN35 8SE
    01472 290107



  • Plough Sunday 2019

    Sunday, 6 January 2019

    Details to be confirmed.


    Traditionally, Plough Monday was the first Monday following the 6th of January. For many years, Grimsby Morris Men have celebrated Plough Monday on its proper day but as many of were at work on that day (unlike the plough boys of the past) we had to make it an evening bash. Unfortunately this meant that an many occasions the event was poorly attended. As a result we decided to follow the practice adopted by many other sides and hold the celebration during the daylight hours on the Sunday before Plough Monday. After many hours of brainstorming by our creatives department and taking into account the input from the relevant focus groups we decided to name this new event "Plough Sunday" (How do they think of 'em?).

    Our second Plough Sunday will see us dancing first at the White Hart in Ludford at mid-day. After the dancing we will refresh ourselves and perhaps sing a suitable song or two. Then its on to Binbrook where we will dance in the Market Place at one o'clock before moving on to the Plough Inn at 1.30. There we will do some more dancing and follow this with a performance of this year's plough play, the Middle Rasen Mumming Play. If we haven't yet beaten our audience into submission, this will be followed by songs appropriate to Plough Monday (Sunday). Join in or run away; the choice is yours


    12.00 pm The White Hart, Ludford
    1.00 pm Market Place, Binbrook
    1.30 pm The Plough, Binbrook




    The Plough, Binbrook

    The Plough
    10 Market Place
    Market Rasen
    LN8 6DE
    01472 398808

    The White Hart, Ludford

    The White Hart
    Magna Mile
    Market Rasen
    LN8 6AD
    01507 313489

    Market Place, Binbrook

    Market Place
    High Street
    LN8 6BG