May Day

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No, not an appeal for help, but a write up of our dance-out on the evening of the 1st of May.


We had great support at the Jug and Bottle thanks to the landlady beating customers out of the pub to watch us. Despite the oppressive heat, and the flies, they girded their loins and braved the exterior. Dancing was accomplished (you can take that either way) and the audience were appreciative, despite the raucous efforts of some sort of mobile tree.

On, then, to the King's Head at Waltham. A pitched battle with patrons trying to drive away ensued, but we prevailed and most of the poor devils had to stay and watch us perform.

Finally, to the Ship Inn at Barnoldby-le-Beck, where we performed to an audience of thousands (well - it was several, at least) in the car park. Our Green Man unfortunately lost his self control and had his wicked way with the ivy. The twiglets are expected in the autumn. Afterwards, small amounts of ale and cider were consumed, tunes were played and songs were sung. Particular thanks go to the patron, who shall remain nameless (suffice to say his praise of Lincolnshire beer was not unbiased, but nor was it wrong), who generously got us to sing for our supper the song "Tom Woods". Cheers!

All in all, a great night out. Photographic evidence to follow.

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Thursday, 1 May 2014