Boxing Day Tour 2016

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by Nick Booth


This year's Boxing Day tour was a roaring success!

The weather was fairly kind again (it never rains on the Morris Men) so there were lots of people out in Cleethorpes. Some of them even stopped to watch! The dancing was pretty good, apart from the odd mistake, and the audience seemed to enjoy the show. I can say this with some assurance as the dances I wasn't in looked excellent. Our debutante, Julian Thompson, was dragged into the set for several dances and did a pretty damn good job on his first outing, as well as collecting when he wasn't dancing. Well done julian!


Outside the PunchbowlDancing at the Wellow



Many thanks to our hosts and their patrons at the hostelries we visited; the Wellow, Willy's Pub, the Punchbowl, the No.2 and the Notts. Particular thanks go to Roger and Anne at the Notts for the warm welcome, the excellent spread provided and for hosting the session in the sports bar. Its a shame we couldn't stay a bit longer.

Thanks also to our many friends who came along to support us and to our guest musicians, Max Bradley, Nina Hansell, Joy Spreadborough and Mike Gott as well as our solid as a rock regulars Ken Watson and Steve Fuller.

The biggest thanks of all go to the members of the public inside and outside each venue who not only supported us dancing but dug deep into there pockets to provide an excellent collection for Grimsby area Doorstep.

Thankyou one and all and have a very happy new year!



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Monday, 26 December 2016

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