Cheers Michel

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  by Steve Fuller


Funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund




                  Michel Ducos


For over forty years Heather and Michel Ducos have been proprietors of the Alford Pottery and have gained a reputation for producing elegant, practical and high quality wares. During the late 1970’s Heather and Michele were also active in establishing  the Alford Craft Market (with its big weekend during the August Public Holiday) and helped to make the weekend a gathering place for Morris teams from all over the UK.  

For many years Michel was a very active member of Grimsby Morris Men. Although Heather and Michel are hoping to retire (although they still spend a lot of time in the pottery!),  Michel was happy to take on the task of designing  and making  a “loving cup” to mark our fiftieth anniversary.

Many thanks to Michel – we look forward to putting the cup to good use. Cheers!










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Thursday, 1 June 2017

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