Easter Sunday Dance-out

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Grimsby Morris Men’s daytime Dance-out on Sunday, 1st April 2018.

by Martin Campbell 


So, we’re off and running for this year’s Cotswold season. The weather forecast looked none too good for the day, but all the expected numbers duly turned up, meeting at the Waterfall on Cleethorpes Prom.

The Dance space proved adequate, albeit somewhat chilly from the North-easterly wind blowing in off the “sea”. The planned first set was completed attracting interest and support from passers-by and some of our own loyal Supporters. It was particularly good to see Ian & Gill Horsley. Our most recent recruit, Neil Kenyon, turned up and took on the responsibility of setting up the Side’s Banner at each of the venues.

We moved on to Jonny Donut’s Oliver’s Eatery and on arrival were treated to some very welcome warming tots of spirits, followed by offers of teas and coffees. Jonny gave instructions to his friendly Staff to include our Supporters in the hospitality. Jonny had also ensured the posters supplied were well-displayed and very much in evidence.


Hands Around at Jonny Donuts


The Dancing resumed and again the planned set was completed. On then to Brighton Slipway.

The advance party carried out a “reccie” at Willy’s Pub to check out the quality of the Ale(s); well somebody had to do it. The rest of us assembled at the Dance spot and patiently awaited their arrival. With the limited numbers, every Dancer stepped up in turn to join each of the dances in the set. To give the rest a bit of respite after the first two dances, Steve F and Martin C danced the double jig “Old Tom of Oxford”. The last dance of the Set was “Beaux of London City” and Neil K joined in, which apparently is his favourite dance to date, in part kit. (Full kit will follow when more progress is made on the Bampton repertoire.)


"Beaux" at Brighton Slipway


We stragglers trudged up the hill to the Notts, which at the moment seems to be our second home, to find the Pub pretty busy and most of our Dancers dispersed therein. Dancing was resumed on the paved area opposite to the Notts. Dave S and Nick B began it by dancing “Old Tom”. Special mention is appropriate for our Musician for the day, Ken W, who experienced the greatest difficulty in keeping his hands warm enough to play both Pipe and Tabor and when needed, melodeon. John I, in addition to joining in some of the dances, appeared every so often as his alter-ego, “Stanley”, doing his usual of “terrorising” the children and mystifying the adults. It was Easter Sunday and coincidentally April Fools Day and Glenn O, resplendent in smock, breeches and daft hat, fooled around, confusing the watching public with his introductions while persuading them to part with their small (and large) change for the collection. The name of the chosen charity escapes me for the moment, but it will come back to me if sit and think about it. To finish, we danced “Green Garters” and as is our custom traversed the road to end up in the Pub. Some drinking ensued and this prompted some of us to attempt to clear the room if not the entire Pub by breaking into song. These included some of our favourite drinking songs and one or two seasonal numbers.

All in all, a very good day and once again so lucky with the weather. During the two weeks prior to the day, the Grimsby Telegraph had been particularly generous and supportive. They published the article sent to them six times in their “In Brief” feature, each time giving the item a different heading.

Next up is the evening Dance-out on Tuesday evening, “The First of May”, (good name for a Song.!) Let’s ensure that we get the word out to the Public and keep raising our profile at local level. This may help our attempts to attract new Members.


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Sunday, 1 April 2018

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