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Our Charity Collection
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Grimsby Morris Men's


charity for 2019 -2020 is



Sam's Park




For many years now Grimsby Morris Men has taken a collection tin out to dance-outs and asked the public to give generously. Most of these collections are for charity but some for us, to help us with our costs. We make it very clear on every occasion wether the collection is going into our funds or going to charity, we never mix the two and when we collect for charity every single penny goes to the charity; there are no "administrative costs" or any other form of skimming.

In our summer season, especially when we are performing at a pump blessing, our charity collection goes to Water Aid, an excellent charity working to ensure that people outside the UK can access clean, safe water.

In our winter season we collect for a local charity, selecting a new charity each year. This year, as you can see from the top of this article, we are supporting Sam's Park, to raise funds for a socially inclusive Play Park with wheelchair accessible play equipment to be used by both able and disabled children, which will be a unique resource for this area.